A feelm is a film that speaks straight to the heart. At Ifeelms, we have been creating feelms for over 10 years, audiovisual content that is experienced through the emotions, to communicate the essence of the brand, product, service or client project and transform it into something unique.
We work for clients in Europe and North America, taking on the entire production or coming in at a certain phase, wherever our expertise is required.
We are creatives (script development, soundtrack composition, animation character designers), producers (casting, locations, equipment rental, account managers, shoots) and post-producers (illustration and 2D animation, stop-motion, editing, colour-grading, sound). A multidisciplinary team which is proactive and just the right kind of mad.





  • Irene Caparrós
    Irene CaparrósIdeas, words, emotions, projects.

    Reporter, analyst, writer and for the last 10 years, executive producer.
    Go getter, immune to setbacks, a constant enthusiast and solid team member.
    Up for and open to new proposals and a driving force in new projects.

  • Toni Bertran
    Toni BertranDirector, film buff, new-tech freak.

    Visual thinker and transformer of ideas into films. Sees films as a series of concepts. Speaks codec and goes beyond to get the best out of each and every project.


  • Aftershare.tv
  • Agendas Comunes
  • Ayuntamiento Barcelona
  • BlueBliss
  • Catalunya
  • Chiesi
  • Condis
  • Corckcircle
  • creative spirit
  • Ferrer
  • gastronosfera
  • gebro-pharma
  • Generalitat
  • Isdin
  • Meda
  • Nescafe
  • Nestlé
  • PaintLux
  • Pepsico
  • Prodeca
  • Tinkle
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